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SPRING COLORED CELLS - inspired by an artists interpretation of liver cells

http://www.solveig.com.au/preview.php?id=31 <— click to check out inspiration

O.P.I. - year of the dragon, O.P.I. - royal rajah ruby, Love & Beauty - strawberry, American Apparel - coney island, Wet n Wild - caribbean frost, Sally Hansen - mint sorbet

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Daisy daze. More info on the blog! http://bit.ly/1gdP1tL


Daisy daze. More info on the blog! http://bit.ly/1gdP1tL

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Shattered Glass Nails aka Aluminium on Nailuminium
Read more and get to know how I did these on my blog!
inspired by Polish Pals

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Pretty and Polished Algebraic Addition CollectionView post.

Candy Reign
7 Year Lich (over Zoya Dove)
House of Heroes (over OPI Jade Is the New Black)
Incinerate My Heart
Pep In Your Step
The Big Squeeze
Watch It In CD!
Whatevers 2009


KBShimmer Spring training. I can’t be the only person who has bought a polish based on the name. If you are reading a nail polish blog, I’m betting on you have. Unless you a new polish junkie in which case you will, I assure you. Anyway I love baseball so when I hear spring training that’s what I think. I’m not 100 percent sure that’s the reasoning behind the name of this polish. But that’s why I bought it. And it’s pretty. It’s been an ongoing theme of mine this spring, these minty green colors. I love them. This formula was great. Easy to apply and very easy to control. I used 3 coats.

themed by cory hunlin for tumblr.